Creamos Foundation helps to find volunteer work spaces in Ecuador.

Our goal is to facilitate the experience of foreigners who are interested in sharing their knowledge, experience and time with the less fortunate Ecuadorians. Our scope of action is oriented to three areas: volunteering, Spanish and culture classes, and the experience of living with an Ecuadorian family.

Volunteering with “Fundación Creamos” includes:

  • Enjoying a family atmosphere.
  • Receiving a personalized care.
  • Taking advantage of the experience and great skills of our staff.
  • Studying Spanish and culture with experienced teachers, highly qualified in teaching Spanish as a second language.
  • Choosing an appropriate project according to the profile of the applicant.
  • Feeling safe.
  • Accessing information and advice on: documentation, procedures, tourist sites, local and inter-provincial transport, etc.
  • Receiving a certificate endorsed by “Fundación Creamos” which includes: family conviviality, Spanish classes and level of competence achieved, and volunteering service done.