Project 2

This foundation is devoted to protect persons with severe intellectual disability. It is a non-profit institution created by a group of parents interested in improving the living conditions of people with different types of disabilities. This institution offers physical , cognitive, sensory and perception therapy, language therapy, among others. Its main objective is to provide its students with a satisfactory quality of life, surrounding them with care and love. It has an average of 10 beneficiaries.

The tasks with which the volunteer can help are:

  • Assistance and participation in: physical therapy, hydrotherapy, equine therapy, speech therapy, music therapy, dance therapy.
  • Help feeding the patients, both during the snack and lunch times
  • Organize recreational activities

RESOURCES: The institution has the professional staff and basic materials needed to develop the different tasks.

LOCATION: The facilities of this institution are located in the North of Quito, in the “Cotocollao” sector, one of the neighborhoods located Northwest part of the city.

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