Project 3

This non-profit organization offers educational, psychological and medical assistance programs, as well as job training for working children and their families. They hope that with these services, children and their families can improve their quality of life. They believe that in order to achieve positive change in the life of a person, it is necessary to work together with the family and the community, to have an integral development.
The tasks with which the volunteer can help are:

  • Marketing and social networks: assistance in finding funds for the institution.
  • Recreational activities
  • Crafts with cardboard and jewelry with recycled material
  • Teaching computer science and English
  • In the healthcare area there are two tasks: the first one involves organizing appointments in the healthcare center, and the second one entails participating in medical brigades for children in the sector.
  • Work with the project that helps rescuing children from the streets in “El Camal” area and “San Roque” market.

RESOURCES: The institution has the professional staff and basic materials needed to develop the different projects.

LOCATION: The facilities of this institution are in the South of the city of Quito, in the “El Camal” sector, approximately 40 minutes from the Historic Center. However, many of their projects are developed around vulnerable areas such as markets, or streets where there is informal commerce.

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