About us


 Creamos Foundation is interested in the promotion of voluntary work in Ecuador.

We, the founders of this organization, are Ecuadorians with many years of experience in preparing volunteers for different institutions. During this time, we realized that in many cases the volunteer is left on his own without much guidance. Additionally, the lack of communication skills can become a burden for the success of the voluntary work for both parties, the volunteer, and the organization for which they work.

We are in permanent contact with the volunteers and we become a strong link between them and their work. We make sure this happens with continuous feedback and periodic reports that we demand from the involved persons and institutions.

A solid knowledge of the Spanish language is key to a successful volunteer work. That is why we strongly recommend volunteers to take our Spanish classes to be able to interact in a better way with Spanish native speakers. We guarantee an effective learning of the Spanish language that focuses on the volunteer’s future work area. We have experienced teachers to fulfill this goal.