Project 7

This institution offers comprehensive education to young people living in a situation of vulnerability, marked by migration, alcohol, drugs and labor exploitation.  The students receive academic, artistic and spiritual instruction within their own identity and culture. The school offers high school education and schooling in the art of wood, training in carpentry, locksmithing and stone handling.  Its objective is to awaken the artist that the young man carries inside, without leaving aside the rescue of cultural manifestations. They are also introduced to agriculture related jobs so that they do not lose their connection with the earth.

The activities that the volunteer could perform are:

  • Housing construction
  • Care for the elderly
  • Cultivation of the orchard
  • Raising of small animals (guinea pigs and rabbits)
  • Help in the kitchen


The center has 12 hectares of land where you can find different workshops and gardens, dormitories with capacity for 50 students.  There are also fully equipped dining rooms, recreation areas,  classrooms, courtyards, storage rooms, a chapel, in addition to the adequate infrastructure for the different workshops.