Project 4

This is a non-profit public organization, which receives only partial financing from the State.  Therefore, the staff that works there develops self-funding programs, to be able to raise the necessary money to cover the expenses that the institution requires. The main goal is to work on the rehabilitation of children from the ages of 0 to about 18 years old, who suffer from cerebral palsy and intellectual disability.  The main objective is to help them become more active and productive members of society. The people who receive the help of this institution are from low-income homes and come from the South of the city.

The institution has approximately 70 children, who are divided into two specific areas: the first, group are in daycare, and the second corresponds to children subject to integration into society, that is, those that have a better functioning and intellectual capabilities.

The tasks with which the volunteer can help are:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Language therapy
  • Assistance in elementary education (pedagogy) and in workshops
  • Assistance in the area of ​​daily care in activities such as personal hygiene, food, basic needs, etc.
  • Teaching basic English

The projects described can be developed daily between 8:00am and 13:00pm in the areas of ​​education and daycare.

RESOURCES: The institution has a director, a technical coordinator, seven teachers, a psychologist with two assistants, a physical therapist with two assistants who are medical technologists, a language therapist and a cleaning assistant. It also has the basic equipment and materials necessary to carry out the work.

LOCATION: It is located in the South of Quito, approximately 45 minutes from the downtown area.

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