Being a non-profit organization, FUNDACIÓN CREAMOS does not have any type of income other than the one received for the work provided. Therefore, all our volunteers must cover their own expenses  during their stay in Ecuador.

Administrative fee: $ 50, includes: airport transfer in Quito, tour of the city, follow-up throughout volunteer’s experience, and general advice during stay in the country.

Accommodation: $ 20 a day, this includes: a separate room, shared bathroom, two daily meals and laundry. In addition to the help that the family can provide at any time in different situations, if required.

Spanish classes: We have two types of classes: Individual: $ 15 an hour, and group sessions: $ 10 for each student (from two students, with a maximum of four). Group classes will be given in the event that two or more volunteers coincide in both, the level of Spanish proficiency and the time in which they are taught (the costs of the Spanish class hour described above are for people that volunteer at the same time).