We support social institutions that provide services in areas such as: primary and secondary education, occupational health, physical and occupational therapy, ecology, agricultural workshops, clothing, etc.

Once the volunteer has sent us all the documentation necessary, and their participation with FUNDACIÓN CREAMOS has been assured, we will arrange transfer from Mariscal Sucre Airport in Quito to the volonteer’s host family.

The next day, formal registration as a volunteer of the Foundation will take place. The volunteer will receive orientation with relevant information such as: aspects to take into consideration when traveling both inside and outside the city, information concerning transportation and its cost, information related to health, family living, and Ecuadorian culture, among other things.

In addition, the volunteer will take a tour to the most important sites of Quito.


Our volunteer program has three areas: family life, projects, and Spanish classes, each of them has a staff member in charge. The volunteer is in permanent contact with those responsible in case there are problems of any kind.