We put into practice a natural method of immersion in the Hispanic culture giving priority to communication.

Our objective is that the volunteers as well as the people interested in learning the Spanish language reach a high and adequate level of communication with Spanish speakers, which will enable them to cope with any situation that may arise. They will be able to satisfy their needs, from the most simple such as giving and asking for basic information (name, addresses, time, country of origin, etc.) to the most complex like maintaining a discussion / conversation on current events.

Thus, the teaching method used is a natural method of total immersion in the Hispanic culture, specifically the Ecuadorian culture, with its own characteristics that make it different from the Spanish culture.  This method implies that the person is completely submerged into a Spanish-speaking society, and begins to interact in real situations putting all their skills into work, from the use of body language, to the use of single words, to the elaboration of complex discourses. This is further enriched when living with an Ecuadorian family, as it provides a more uninhibited and affectionate environment for the practice of the target language, which allows students to gain more confidence in the use of Spanish.

Our approach, which is prominently communicative, emphasizes on three basic areas: conversational Spanish, Spanish grammar, and in Spanish in context. The first area confronts the student with everyday, social or specialized situations. The second one helps the acquisition of linguistic and communicative skills that allow the student to understand and control the grammatical structures for the coherent construction of speech. The third area encourages students to discuss topics of interest by sharing their knowledge, and expanding their points of view.